FRAGEBOGEN: L.A. [English Version]

„Fragebogen“ is a standard interview with 15 questions around music plus a special task. This time it’s the singer Luis (L.A.) who answers them.


*** Hier geht es zur deutschen Version des Fragebogens ***

First cd: Blood Sugar Sex Magik by Red Hot Chili Peppers

First concert: Paul McCartney in Barcelona, 1993

First childhood memory related to music: My dad teaching me how to play a record on the turntable, probably some Beatles 45rpm.

Favourite song at the moment: now? „Ever Since New York“ by Harry Styles.

A rather embarrassing song you like: I don’t feel embarrassing about that, but I would say something from George Michael, Sade, Spandau Ballet or Phil Collins…

Favourite song among your own: mmmm… probably “Suddenly” from my new record “King Of Beasts”.

Favourite songlyrics: A Day In The Life, The Beatles

Best concert: I saw so many amazing shows, but probably one of those that changed my life was Pearl Jam during the NO CODE tour in 1996, I’m still in shock!

Worst concert: a Festival in Mexico City.. all the monitoring system failed and we played without listening a note, nothing, I was screaming and looking at my drummer just to follow his arms…

Best concert among your own: two shows we did in a row in a very small club in Madrid a couple of years ago.. insanely hot!

Vinyl, cd or mp3? Vinyl, always vinyl. 

Download or stream? Stream

Club concert or festival? To play both, to go and enjoy your favorite bands small clubs.

Three songs that really have to be on your mixtape: It depends on the mood, or the day, or style.. but now I would say „Maybe I’m Amazed“ by Paul McCartney, „The Rain Song“ by Led Zeppelin and „Cloudy Shoes“ by Damien Jurado.

An album you would NOT take with you to a lonely island: I can tell you a bunch of spanish “artists” with “records” that I would never take with me anywhere…

On the picture I’m with my 1974 Gibson J40. I wrote most of my new record with this piece of wood.

L.A. Fragebogen


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