FRAGEBOGEN: Sandra Kolstad [English Version]

„Fragebogen“ is a standard interview with 15 questions around music plus a special task. This time it’s singer Sandra Kolstad who answers them.

Sandra Kolstad

*** Hier geht es zur deutschen Version des Fragebogens ***

First cd: Eleanor McEvoy A Woman’s Heart. I heard the title track on the radio and was instantly hooked. I think I was 8 years old.

First concert: Hmhmhm. I think GONG! Me and my father have seen them several times. We even used to travel to GONG conventions, always a strange and super experience.

First childhood memory related to music: Listening to my fathers space rock records. He used to run a record store in Oslo called Utopia and had an extensive collection we listened to at home.

Favourite song at the moment: Jorja Smith – Where Did I Go

A rather embarrassing song you like: I guess the title track from that Elenor McEvoy record.

Favourite song among your own: OMG. I think BLING BLING BLING, the second single from my new record.

Favourite songlyrics: Where Will I Be, Emmylou Harris. I NEVER get tired of that song.

Best concert: I heard Jenny Hval and Susanna perform their piece Meshes Of Voice at Bergen Kunsthall a couple of years back. That was simply extraordinary.

Worst concert: To be honest I always leave if I don’t think it’s any good.

Best concert among your own: Haha, I might not be the right one to say. But for me, I had a really good time playing an outdoors concert in Buenos Aires right before christmas.

Vinyl, cd or mp3? All three.

Download or stream? Both.

Club concert or festival? Clubconcert. I like it intimate! 

Three songs that really have to be on your mixtape: Kyrre Bjørkås – Bullets, Jorja Smith – Where Did I Go and Sampa – Timmy’s Prayer.

An album you would NOT take with you to a lonely island: Eleanor McEvoy, A Woman’s Heart.

Sandra Kolstad


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