FRAGEBOGEN: The Cool Quest [English Version]

„Fragebogen“ is a standard interview with 15 questions around music plus a special task. This time it’s Vincent (The Cool Quest) who answers them.

The Cool Quest

*** Hier geht es zur deutschen Version des Fragebogens ***

First cd: Fugees – The Score

First concert: That would be a concert by Opgezwolle (a dutch rapgroup)

First childhood memory related to music: Standing on the table as a three year old saying „Yes You Can!“ after my sister’s shouting „Can I Kick It?!“

Favourite song at the moment: Summer Friends – Chance the Rapper

A rather embarrassing song you like: Would I Lie To You – Charles & Eddie

Favourite song among your own: Goodlife

Favourite songlyrics: Same Drugs – Chance the Rapper

Best concert: Because they are legends, I will go for De La Soul at Rock the bells at Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam. (Not the best show, but just because they are legends in the scene)

Worst concert: /

Best concert among your own: We played many great festival shows the last years, but first time sold out Paradiso, Amsterdam where people come just for you, is a great memory.

Vinyl, cd or mp3? Vinyl & Spotify

Download or stream? Stream

Club concert or festival? Festival

Three songs that really have to be on your mixtape: It’s too hard to choose only three songs. I’d rather select three different songs every day, like an every day mixtape. But for now, Herside Story – Goldlink, Communicate – Mick Jenkins ft. Ravynlenae, Summer Friends – Chance the Rapper.

An album you would NOT take with you to a lonely island: I won’t take any Scooter album with me to a lonely island.

Back in elementary school and high school I was always drawing the Wu Tang logo in my study books.

The Cool Quest


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