INTERVIEW: Moby [English Version]

„The world is an inch away from catastrophe“ asked Moby some questions via e-mail. These are his original answers in English.

Hier geht es zur deutschen Version des Interviews.

Moby How would you describe your new album „Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt“?

Moby: Pretty songs about the apocalypse.

„The Last Of Goodbyes“ sounds like a key song of the album. What can you tell us about it?

The recurring theme throughout the album is the heartbreaking and pointless end of our species. This song is, for me, about god saying goodbye to humans.

Is „The Middle Is Gone“ a political statement?

No, it’s from „The Second Coming“ by Yeats. I guess there are political overtones, but it’s more about the loss of calm, health, centeredness, normalcy.

What kind of connection do you have to the original „Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child“-song?

Years ago I was having dinner with Lou Reed and Bill T. Jones, and Bill sang ‚Motherless Child‘ a capella and it was stunning and beautiful.

How come you chose a quote by Kurt Vonnegut as your album title?

It’s supposed to be utopian, as that world, where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts, is within our grasp. As humans we can create any world that we want to create. It’s a damning indictment of us that when given a blank slate we create hell.

Vonnegut was a hard, but also very funny critic during the Bush-years. What would he think of Trump if he was still alive?

I think he would blow up the white house and republican national headquarters and then leave the planet.

As hard as it is to see someone like Trump being the president of the USA, many artists have gotten even more creative since he took over. Is that the same with you?

Personally I’d like to see less creativity and a sane, progressive president…

You said nice things about Morrissey in the past, you also have the animal-rights-fight in common. What do you think about his recent comments, e.g. on Weinstein, immigrants and not voting at all?

Thus far it seems that he and I agree on animal-rights and that’s about it.. I firmly believe in voting, and I’m aggressively pro-immigrant and anti-xenophobia. The world is a better place when people vote and immigrants are welcomed with respect and kindness.

Would you like to have more artists expressing their political views like you do?

Yes. I try not to judge, but it seems egregious and unethical to exclusively promote yourself when the world is an inch away from catastrophe and apocalypse.

You are in the music business for almost 30 years now. What has changed most?

I prefer to ask, ‚what hasn’t changed?‘ Here’s what hasn’t changed: 30 years ago people had beautiful and profound experiences with music, and today people have beautiful and profound experiences with music. I don’t care how music is made or sold or not sold, as long as music reaches people and makes them feel less alone.


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